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  1. Spriditis


    Kad Bus Cs Go servers?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgha9S39Y6M&t=24s

    1. natas


      Tu tak esi debīls

    2. Spriditis


      tu tak esi lohs.


  3. Logan vs ksi, Remach, money money

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. natas


      Ja tu domā, ka esi ahujenna izdevies trollis, tu smagi maldies, pisten :) 

    3. Spriditis


      pisi ezel, Trollis esi tu, kas dzivo alla

    4. natas
  4. Tagat ir 03: 13 nakti un pie manim atrodas 👉👤

  5. Spriditis


    SF ir laba vieta tur auksa sturi kur ir lauki butu kaut kas jauns.. kur bija taja sezona ta zemestrice maj vieta, taja rajona.
  6. Spriditis


    San Fierro.
  7. Spriditis


    Pie Origo bus daudz CP
  8. Spriditis

    Any English Speakers?

    i am black two, nigger. cute dinner fuck no. let's go to your moms house.
  9. Spriditis

    Any English Speakers?

    Drive then UrlaBoy to Latvia. and kiss me nigger. and head off. u black or white ass fuck boy. tev tikai samacija lamuvardus mazus un viss? taka berns klauss, ieraksti Google Latvia Words un macies...
  10. Spriditis

    Any English Speakers?

    u cancer? u a girl? then shut the fuck up u cunt, u don't have a dick and brain, I don't give a shit u from America, This is Latvia u mother fucker, and go fuck off, shit head, BTW, go play America Minecraft. shit cancer, Ye i'm 7 and i fuck u r GF, nice... u olny say Ni, then u r racist, and in America with cancer head
  11. Spriditis

    Any English Speakers?

    USA, have a wate pussy and fat Biches? do u like pussycat?
  12. Spriditis

    Any English Speakers?

    let's go play Roblox and have some fun time. gay

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